Focus on Content

We only care about your content: how it is presented, how easily it is entered, how fast you get your results. Your content is yours to tweak and tune!

Focus on Function and Innovation

Every solution, application or tool we build is based on the same principle: what is the best way to build a mesmerising experience with a tight budget.

Focus on Delivery

One of our strongpoints is the ability to deliver on Time and on Budget. Not because we like to, but because we know it is important to you.

Corengin - the new flexible CMS

Had enough of Tridion, Drupal or Wordpress?

Not easy enough to use?

With Corengin you are back in control of your text, media, actions and structures!

Always need a patch?

Millions of people use it, then it must be safe! Wrong! Don't let your site become a prime target for generic hackers!

Want more functionality?

Integrated Image Editor (with effects!), Newsletter Composer, Form Editor and Gallery Maker. Specifically geared towards the user, no training required.

3rd Party Solutions?

Sure, why not: Corengin integrates with Dropbox, Google Apps, EventBrite, MailChimp and many more...

Take a look for yourself...

We have made a lot of software, CD's/DVD's and websites since 1983.
Every project is dear to us. Here are some examples...
  • Ongelofelijk hoe snel GIGAmedium onze website klaar had. Petje af!
    Miranda Cornelissen - De Post
  • Ce n'est pas toujours qu'on rencontre des développeurs si engagés
    Agatha Leroy - Axa
  • I wish I had a team like GIGAmedium in my staff!
    Randy Levine - Cardif
  • Geniaal die kerels bij GIGAmedium: inventief en punctueel
    Rudi Peeters - CEO - KBC
  • Weten wat de klant wil, dat is hun sterk punt!
    Anton Van Rossum - CEO - BNP Paribas
  • Front End
  • Websites & Apps
  • HTML5 and Native code
  • + Show features
    • Responsive Layout
    • Agile
    • React
    • iOS
    • And so much more
  • Call Now
  • FileMaker Pro
  • Cross-platform database solutions
  • Since 1986!
  • + Show features
    • Supports Mobile
    • (Web)Server
    • And a lot more
  • didit

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